Cheesy Nacho Pasta (7 per box)
Price: $13.00
Online Only Special $10.00
Savings: $3.00
Pizza Bites
Price: $13.00
Snack of the Week $10.00
Savings: $3.00
Cocoberry Cereal (7 per Box)
Price: $10.00
Online Only Special $6.00
Savings: $4.00

  • Our Crunchy & Salty Snacks are a high quality, "stick with you" kind of snack & / or work out recovery option.
  • Each pkg of snack contains 10-12 grams of protein (depending on snack chosen)
  • Mix & Match Flavors of: Pretzels, Sour Cream & Onion Crunch O's, BBQ Crunch O's, Honey Mustard Double Bites & Cheddar Double Bites.
Our high quality protein entrees, bars and snacks are packed with nutrition and easy to pack in your busy life.
***VLCD - This is a 1 X per day Snack and should be used without milk as you would any bar or crunchy snack.

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